Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

L&T’s Coimbatore facility houses the Precision Manufacturing & Systems Complex and a manufacturing centre for Valves.  The integration of modern technology with robust manufacturing processes at this facility has helped L&T achieve global standards in every parameter - quality, speed, safety, efficiency. This has also provided flexibility for timely response to changing market requirements. 

Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do at L&T, and the Coimbatore Campus embodies this philosophy by ensuring safe operating practices and facilities for a comfortable work-life balance for all employees.  The Campus is a ‘green’ facility, with a wide range of eco-friendly and energy efficient initiatives, minimizing environmental impact. 

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, the facility is recognized for its efforts in CSR. Driving positive change in communities through employee volunteering, as well as sponsoring and managing education, healthcare, sanitation, water supply, solid waste management and training initiatives. 

 Precision Manufacturing & Systems Complex (PMSC) – We make “Things That Fly

 The PMSC  caters to the growing demands of Defence, Space & Aerospace sectors,  in short, the domain of “Things that Fly”.

This sprawling 52 acre facility, has been constantly growing by adding new capabilities, competencies and facilities to cater to Build-to-Spec and Build-to-Print requirements. The core areas of expertise include cutting edge  Aerospace Design at the Aerospace Design Centre (ADC) for product & technology development, Programme & Project Management, Global Procurement & Sourcing.

The facility has dedicated Hi-Tech & Digitalised Manufacturing entities at component level (Precision Machining, Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Advance Composites, Additive Manufacturing); at sub-system level (Heavy & Light Precision Fabrication & sub-system Testing & Validation); and at system level (Assembly, Integration, Testing, Trials & Through life support) focused on  Precision Defence & Aerospace Systems. The entire complex along with the ecosystem  meet global Defence & Aerospace standards in Safety, Quality, Security & environmental commitments.

Valves Manufacturing

The world-class facility at Coimbatore manufactures flow-control solutions for oil & gas, power as well as defence and aerospace sectors. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machining and welding centres and complemented by a design centre and prototype lab. International health, safety and environmental norms guide all operations at the plant.


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