Smart World & Communication

Smart World & Communication

Increasingly, the world is seeking smarter, secure, more intelligent solutions and optimised utilisation of resources to enhance quality of life; this has led to the rise of smart cities and advanced security solutions and communication infrastructure in several advanced economies.

India is also rapidly gearing up to create smart infrastructure that will soon be the backbone of its economy. With the mandate to build smart cities at the top of the Government's priority list, L&T is equipped to address opportunities and provide smart solutions in the areas of city surveillance, intelligent traffic management systems, transport & logistics, OFC cabling, communication network including backbone (GOFNMS, DWDMS, IPMPLS etc.), telecom infrastructure, BMS, smart grids, smart governance & education and smart city development. Through this offering, we aim to effectively tap the specific requirements of a wide range of customers including Central and State governments, railways, airports, seaports, expressways, defence, transport & logistics providers, telecommunication service providers, IT companies and residential building/city developers in a focused manner.

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