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Cities around the globe face a rising number of operational issues daily that affect the quality of services delivered to their citizens. Enhancing Safety and Security of Citizens, analysing city specific information and dissemination of insights for city’s benefit, efficient citizen-centric services and multi-agency collaboration have become priorities for authorities, now more than ever, due to ever-increasing amount of information, need for real-time communication and collaboration across city agencies, and to address potential problems before they occur.

Unfortunately, the critical information for efficient management in a city is often stored in disparate and siloed systems across disconnected departments, hindering a clear view of the operational picture and increasing the difficulty of coordinating agency efforts. Without a single, integrated view of events, incidents or impending crises, and without the ability to rapidly share information, a city might be unable to effectively deliver services in a sustainable fashion, protect citizens or drive future economic growth.

The L&T Fusion Platform is built with an idea to provide a City Operating System where all city functions are managed using single platform. Fusion offers integrated data visualisation, real-time collaboration and deep analytics that can help city agencies prepare for problems, coordinate and manage response efforts and enhance the ongoing efficiency of city operations.


Key Capabilities

  • User configurable reporting capability allows users to set up reports to gain insight into decision grade information captured by the City Operation Platform
  • City Dashboard presents a unified view of operations across many agencies to monitor progress toward goals and gain insight into critical issues
  • Historical reports provide management reporting and trend analysis
  • Emergency response standard operating procedures (SOPs) permit city officials to better respond to extreme weather, natural disasters and other emergencies
  • Workflows help automate and track SOPs for consistency and auditability
  • Situational awareness optimises infrastructure, events and resources so agencies can be in the right place at the right time
  • Social media analytics let city officials gather and analyse public opinion on city operations, plans and services
  • Citizen collaboration tools enable citizens to report issues and check resolution status using their mobile devices
  • Centralised, real-time collaborative environment promotes planning, organising, monitoring and information sharing across city departments and agencies
  • Real-time key performance indicators help managers monitor and optimise city services, personnel, programmes and other resources


L&T Fusion with its core principle of providing 360-degree situational awareness, design thinking, pre-integrated framework and contextual based real-time insights is solving operational challenges of city authorities.


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