Community Engagement

Community Engagement

The L&T CSR Annual Report captures our vision and its implementation over the past year. A year in which we have seen new partners being brought on board, widening the breadth of thrust areas and the regions in which we transform lives.

Download the CSR Annual Report 2016-17

Social infrastructure is indispensable for progress; L&T, as India’s leading builder of major infrastructure projects, is equally committed to developing projects that will contribute to the quality of life. This includes schools, hospitals, skill training institutes, water supply & distribution and sanitation facilities.

Building India’s Social Infrastructure – Our Goals & Activities

Focusing on the many challenges around project implementation, we propose to work towards the following outcomes from our Social Infrastructure programmes, based on need assessment and feasibility.

Water & sanitation (availability of safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities) and electrification of villages (off-grid renewables)

Education - Improved access to education (increased enrollment in pre-school, children attending neighborhood schools) and improving quality of learning (better school infrastructure, better teaching-learning process)

Health - Improved access to quality health care (expanding infrastructure of health centres, increased number of people accessing quality health care)

Skill building - Enhancing employability of youth (enhancing training capacity, improved infrastructure of skill development centres)

We also work to build a collaborative eco-system comprising L&T, the community, our employees, their families, NGOs, government agencies, chambers of commerce and academic institutes to fulfill a larger social commitment.

Community Health Centres

L&T's health initiatives are undertaken at all the premises of the Company across India. These services are run by L&T through its Community Health Centres, CSR Departments and in partnership with Government initiatives. L&T’s health services include building health infrastructure, health education, and running medical camps.


Integrated Community Development

L&T’s inclusive approach towards “Building India’s Social Infrastructure” can be very much seen in our ‘Integrated Community Development’ programme. This model provides a path upward from subsistence, and supports the development of community as a whole.


Project Ujjwal

L&T’s innovative approach to education is reflected in its UJJWAL learning centres for underprivileged children.


Nanha Munna Express

L&T has engaged Children’s Toy Foundation (CTF), an NGO to conduct puzzles and mind games through Nanha Munna Express with associated schools in and around Powai since the year 2006. The main purpose is to educate children beyond reading and writing, to acquire real skills, a sense of pride, to develop a positive attitude and to learn while having fun. The mobile toy van visits 22 schools in ‘S’ ward - Mumbai and reaches out to more than 8000 students with an access to educational and amusement toys. The van has a team of dedicated teachers who guide & direct the children.

Project Neev: Enriching Lives of the Specially Abled

Gandhiji said that the true measure of a society is the way it treats its most vulnerable. “Project Neev” launched on the 13th of October, 2010, seeks to provide opportunities to the specially-abled. It marks the coming together of three key agents of social change - L&T-ites, NGOs and the specially-abled themselves.


NGO expositions

The project brought together NGOs working in this sphere at L&T establishments. Such displays promoted products made by the specially-abled.

Infrastructure support

L&T's campuses at various locations provides infrastructure support & resource donation to NGOs/schools working with specially-abled.

Creating livelihood opportunities

L&T campuses work towards enhancing engagements with self-help groups.

Disability Sensitisation

Building up awareness & sensitization amongst L&T-ites for mainstreaming of the specially abled.

Prayas - A special effort for special people

Prayas, a trust formed by the spouses of L&T-ites, amongst its various initiatives, provides specially abled children with various empowerment opportunities.


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