Green Businesses

Green Businesses

L&T offers a bouquet of sustainable solutions which helps its customers go green. These solutions, covered under our Green Business, are enabled through advanced technology, and centred around clean energy, clean mobility, water and sanitation, green infra and other areas linked to a green future.

As part of our Lakshya-26 Strategy plan, L&T intends to increase its share of Green Businesses to 40% of revenue.

With our Green Businesses, we help our customers to lower carbon emissions, improve water use and recycling, enhance energy efficiency, reduce air pollution, and promote resource conservation. Overall, we help preserve the environment as well as improve public well-being.

L&T’s green commitment was acknowledged globally by ENR in its annual rankings for 2022.

The Green Business portfolio has a wide spectrum of offerings that are aligned with 2 key strategies to help deal with effects of climate change.

Climate Change Mitigation Strategy: Reduce the impact of current processes/ systems on environment
Offerings: Renewable energy plants, nuclear energy plants, mass transit systems, railway networks, and others (process equipment for clean fuels)

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: Building resilience to manage the consequence of changes
Offerings: Water and sanitation infrastructure, Green Buildings and others (smart city systems, sand plants)

Spectrum of offerings

Clean Energy - This category covers business offerings which are aimed at supporting the global megatrend towards low/no carbon energy generation. This includes renewable energy plants primarily solar and hydel, as well as nuclear power plants. These help reduce or avoid carbon emissions from energy generation. 
L&T has rich experience of having executed solar projects not only in India but also in international markets e.g. Middle East. We also have experience in hydel dams and related power system infrastructure over a range of capacities. 
We are a leader in the nuclear space, having constructed most of current power plants in India. We also serve this space through hi-tech manufacturing capabilities to provide steam generators, end shields, spent fuel canisters etc. 

Clean Mobility - Transport solutions for the cities of the future; which include Mass Transit Systems (Metros, Light Rail Transits), High-speed and Semi high-speed rail as well as conventional railway infrastructure. L&T has experience executing these projects both in India and in International markets. Due to high carrying capacity, lower emissions footprint and economical pricing, these solutions help promote mobility with low impact on environment.

Water & Sanitation - A large part of our Green Business portfolio, these offerings support SDG 6.0 of UN SDGs. Offerings in this domain help address clean and assured water supply, efficient use of water in agriculture, preservation of natural bodies by treating wastewater and effluents and promote Circular Economy by enabling reuse and recycling of water.

Green Buildings - Buildings account for almost 40 percent of global energy-related CO2 and will play a major role in sustainable transformation. Green buildings, LEED/IGBC/GRIHA certified, have significant tangible benefits. Through their design, construction and operations, Green Buildings help reduce carbon emissions, energy and waste, conserve water, and lower exposure to potentially harmful substances.
L&T has wide experience in designing and delivering Green Buildings for its clients. These span various types of buildings, including residences, commercial complexes, and airports.

Others - Clean/sustainable fuels such as biodiesel, ethanol blended petrol, and sustainable aviation fuel are some fuels which are in focus at present. We offer hi-tech manufactured equipment (reactors, crackers etc.) which helps build refineries/plants for production of these clean fuels. 
Our Surface Miners help in extraction of resources from natural sources without the need for blasting and help in reducing the energy consumption in extraction. Sand Plants help to manufacture M-sand which is a replacement of natural sand, a critical resource in land and river ecosystems. Our Smart Cities Systems and related offerings are building digital public infrastructure for Smart Cities. They help manage resources efficiently, reduce congestion and deliver services directly to citizens in the cities.

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