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Vadodara Heavy Engineering Works is a specialised facility for manufacturing equipment & systems addressing two major manufacturing value chains - exotic metals and advanced composites materials.

The facility serves Process plant, Nuclear, Defence and Aerospace industries. ASME approved workshops with U, U2, N, NA, NS, NPT & MO stamps are equipped to supply highly critical equipment & assemblies, matching global standards. The facility is a trusted supplier of reactor internals, consistently delivering to refineries across the globe under Process Licensors - Axens, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Haldor Topsoe, Shell, UOP and many more. This unit has also been supplying proprietary internals for CB&I-CLG, Scientific Design, Axens & Shell Global. The facility has been catering to FCCU units supplying FCCU cyclones globally in collaboration with a technology provider.

Through its vast experience, Vadodara Heavy Engineering Works has attained expertise for manufacturing and supply of Ammonia Converter Baskets, Heat Exchangers & other critical equipment for refinery & fertilizer industries, under Process Licensors - HaldorTopsoe KBR, Uhde, UOP etc.

Vadodara Heavy Engineering Works is the only unit in India exporting nuclear products to the USA. This unit is also a significant contributor and partner to many strategic programmes for the Government of India. These include supply of Retorts for Titanium extraction, reflective panels for fast breeder reactor and advanced structures of Titanium.

The unit’s strength lies in a highly skilled workforce and adaptation of innovative methods and processes. Currently there are four patents under process from this facility.

Advanced composites form a significant portion of the value chain offered by the unit. The unit has worked with the Government of India, on many of its ‘technology development’ projects for strategic weapon platforms. We have also gained expertise in building primary structures for subsonic and supersonic articles.

Vadodara Heavy Engineering Works has also positioned itself to export key structural assemblies. It has many ‘firsts’ to its name: the first unit in India to obtain AS9100 certification for manufacturing, the first unit in India to process polyimide resins for 2m long shells and so on.

The unit houses all facets from tool design to part manufacturing to testing and assembly, for advanced composites manufacturing. The shops are equipped with sophisticated facilities for fabrication, machining, handling and quality control.

Fabrication facilities include CNC Water Jet Cutting machine for maximum 250 mm thick, column and booms and automatic grinding machines. Machining facilities include CNC horizontal boring machine with 150 mm spindle diameter, CNC vertical turret lathe up to 2600 mm diameter and a four-axes vertical machining centre and Arboga Drilling machine.

A wide variety of welding processes are carried out comprising submerged arc, GTAW, GMAW, PTAW, mechanized TIG, automatic tube-to-tube sheet welding, ESSC, FCAW, automatic nozzle welding and resistance spot welding.

We also have facilities for RT, UT, MT, PT, TOFD along with a Universal Testing Machine for destructive testing and a Helium Leak Detection facility. The unit encompasses a plethora of state-of-the-art technologies for composites manufacturing. A class 10,000 DFE, 16,000 sq. ft. in area, ability of 48 spool multi-tape winding over 22m length, 4 filament winding machines and high temperature curing facilities form its key assets.

Our core strength resides in our capability to engineer custom-built machines that suit niche products. Some examples of custom built machines are high speed CNC turn-mill centre, Vacuum sputtering for 0.6µ aluminium coating on carbon epoxy shells, Robotic CMM machine and LASER tracker.

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