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Special Fabrication Unit

The Special Fabrication Unit (SFU) serves the critical needs of core sectors such as energy, petrochemicals, fertiliser, gasification, subsea and land transportation. Our product range includes complex coal gasification internals, Loop Reactors for PP, LDPE and HDPE, high temperature refractory lined convective modules, RR Package ancillaries and rings, Refractory line transfer lines / cold collectors, and filtration vessels with weld overlay for oil & gas applications. We also cater to special piping needs, including titanium piping for applications such as PTA, and slurry handling, weld overlay piping with API requirements for Onshore and Offshore O&G operations, induction bends for complex geometries and critical piping for any other industry applications.

Our core values are reliability, quality, on time delivery and cost competitiveness along with world class HSE practices. We believe in a flexible approach to cater to our customer needs. 

Backed with best-in-class technology, world class infrastructure and our extensive multi-disciplinary competences, we have built a proven track record in handling various products and their typical metallurgies. 

The SFU is located in L&T’s sprawling 763-acre A.M. Naik Heavy Engineering Complex in Hazira. and well connected by Rail, Road and Sea routes, SFU is an impressive assembly of technology, expertise, people and processes.


Special Fabrication Unit
Annual Capacity  ~18,000 MT per annum
Total Land Area  155,000 m2 (approx. 38 acres )
Raw Material Storage Area
  • Open warehouse : 47,300 m2
  • Covered warehouse : 1,000 m2
  • Fitting storage shop : 500 m2
Fabrication Shops  10,200 m2 x 2 Bays
 (with 9 cranes of capacity up to 20 MT)
Pipe Preparation Shop  1,400 m2 (2 Bays)
 (with 2 cranes of capacity up to 7.5 MT)
Identification / Marking Shop  1,400 m2 (2 Bays)
 (with 2 cranes of capacity up to 12 MT)
Open Fabrication Area  35,000 m2
 (with 4 cranes of capacity up to 10 MT)
Radiography Enclosure  15m (L) x 7m (W) (4 enclosures)
Gas-fired Furnace  12m (L) x 6m (W) x 3.6m (H)
 70 MT bogie capacity, SCADA-controlled,
 up to 1150oC
Surface Preparation Booth  13m (L) x 6m (W) x 5m (H) (2 booths)
Painting Booth  13m (L) x 6m (W) x 5m (H) x (2 booths)
Finished Goods Storage Area  5,000 m2