Product Development and Process Technology

The Product Development and Process Technology Centre (PDPT) of L&T Heavy Engineering is a dedicated DSIR approved Research & Development Centre for technology development, primarily for Process Plant and Nuclear Plant equipment businesses. It also caters to strategic businesses like marine & aerospace for special projects requiring technological synergies. PDPT contributes towards developing cutting edge technologies in order to help Heavy Engineering move up the value chain and attain leadership position in Process Plant & Nuclear equipment businesses.

Some of the products for which in-house proprietary designs have been developed are Cored Brick Heaters for hypersonic Wind Tunnel, Nuclear Steam Generators for PHWR plants, Steam Dryer for Nuclear Steam Generators, Molten Salt Bath Reactors (MSBR) for chemical applications, Shell & Tube LNG Vaporizers for LNG Re-gasification terminals, High Temperature Heat Recovery (HTHR) Exchangers for Cracker plants, and Waste Heat Boiler for Ammonia burner in Nitric Acid plants.

PDPT comprises of a group of multi-skilled engineers with specialization spanning a variety of domains. Depending on the nature of project; cross-functional teams are formed consisting of experts from multiple areas. Our combined expertise covers:

    • Thermal & Hydraulic design
    • Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) analysis
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis including multi-phase flows & conjugate heat transfer
    • Mechanical design
    • Static and dynamic stress analysis including complex non-linear simulations
    • Fatigue analysis
    • Creep study
    • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis
    • Specialized simulations of manufacturing processes such as welding and forming using FEA
    • Chemical process simulation & chemical kinetics studies
    • Fitness for service assessment



Our technical prowess has been recognized globally and one of our team members was on the Technical Committee of Heat Transfer Research, Inc. (HTRI).

In addition, we have associations with various research fraternities and top academia where PDPT provides support as industry experts.

PDPT stays at the forefront of the technology spectrum, facilitating absorption and transfer of technology. PDPT also keeps abreast of the latest global developments in related areas which provide inputs for undertaking new developmental projects. PDPT is involved in continuous technology scan on emerging areas such as Methanol Economy, Crude-to-Chemical etc. and working on various developmental projects in fields including:

  • Gasification technologies
  • Fertilizer & refinery processes
  • Cutting edge Residue Up-gradation technology (In collaboration with IOCL R&D
  • Equipment Lifecycle Management using IoT and digitalization platforms
  • Flexibility analysis of complex systems such as RR package in FCCU

Utilizing expertise and technical understanding in the process plant equipment and heat exchanger domain, PDPT provides support in problem solving & troubleshooting.

 Some of the latest design, analysis and simulation tools used for various projects :

  • HTRI & HTFS (AspenTech)
  • Aspen Plus and HYSYS for process simulation
  • ABAQUS for non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • ANSYS Fluent & CFX for Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis
  • PVElite

High-end workstation clusters providing plentiful computational power are used for complex design and analysis activities. PDPT has its own library with access to global level research papers & magazines.