Vision Statement

For a better world! L&T shall pursue eco-friendly growth, promoting a culture of sustainability and innovation, and thereby contribute towards a better world.

ESG, or the Environmental, Social and Governance Parameters that impact the functioning of a business define a company’s core reason for being and result in a positive impact on the world. They reflect our strategy and initiatives toward a better planet and equitable growth.  

  • Environment: To minimise the impact on the environment due to our manufacturing, operations and processes, L&T Heavy Engineering focuses on mitigation, transition and adaptation across: 
    • Climate change and GHGs
    • Water and wastewater management
    • Waste and hazardous material management
    • Biodiversity 
    Our green initiatives will contribute towards achieving L&T’s Carbon & Water Neutrality goals by 2040 & 2035 respectively. 
  • Social: Assesses a company’s relative social impact and associated risk from societal actions, including from its direct and indirect employees, customers, and the communities in which it operates. For us, it is the contribution of a company to fairness in society. This reflects in our labour practices, health & safety, employee engagement, human rights, community relations, local economic contributions, and more. 
  • Governance: We represent the highest standards in business ethics, data security, capital allocations, supply chain management, data privacy and security, governance structure & engagement, policies, external disclosures, and advocacy.