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Modification, Revamp and Upgrades

The Modification, Revamp & Upgrade Business Unit (MRU) of L&T Heavy Engineering evolved as an outcome of our interactions with customers and a recognition of emerging market needs, driven by economic pressures and stringent environmental norms. To meet these needs, we leverage our deep knowledge & experience gained over eight decades and offer specialised MRU services from our Powai facility.

With advancements in process technology, material science and manufacturing capabilities, Process Plants witnessed significant increase in plant capacities to take advantage of ‘Economy of Scale’. As plant sizes went up, the equipment sizes and weights also increased. While manufacturing capability kept pace with these developments and state-of-the-art machinery was available to manufacture large equipment in a single piece, most of the Process Plants were located in the interiors geographically, hence it was not feasible to transport these over dimensional equipment in a single piece. Accordingly, equipment was manufactured in multiple pieces and final Assembled & Tested at Refinery / Fertilizer plant sites. 

In addition, with increasing economic pressures, a more disciplined spending approach is being adopted by major refiners in order to trim costs across the entire value chain of their products and manufacturing centres. Further, as existing refineries get older, there is more pressure on them to increase throughput and meet stringent environmental norms, bringing a focus on modernising, revamping & upgrading their existing facilities to enhance productivity, yield and improve energy efficiency.

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