L&T’s CSR projects in the area of education are focused on ensuring sustainable development of communities and contribute to strengthening education and social infrastructure. These initiatives, which mostly cater to children from 3-18 years belonging to marginalized strata of society, provide support for better learning abilities of young minds, are community-based and supplement learning in schools.

The projects go beyond academics and cover various aspects of education, including nutrition at the pre-primary level, providing infrastructure (setting up smart classes or refurbishing of classrooms or community learning centres) to supplement soft skills provided (support classes or remedial classes or STEM education). The education programmes are made even more robust by empowering stakeholders through teacher’s training programmes.

In 2018-19, L&T supported more than 400 schools and reached out to over 2.4 lakh children with its education initiatives pan-India.

Standardized School Interventions

An overview of the community-based programmes we support across various campuses and project sites of L&T:

Pre-school interventions

Early childhood intervention through Balwadis/Anganwadis helps develop school readiness among children and addresses concerns regarding immunization and monitoring the health status of children. Such programmes are ongoing in both rural and urban areas. Through these initiatives we also help provide supplementary nutrition to children as part of their physical and mental development, and reach out to young mothers to inculcate better child-rearing practices.

After-school interventions

Community learning centres are a large part of our education initiatives, they cater to primary and middle school children and provide remedial after-school classes. There are also youth engagement programmes in place for students between grades 9 and 12 which intend to make children career and job ready. Spoken English classes, digital literacy and building social & emotional learning skills are included in these youth engagement programmes.

Initiatives for vulnerable children

Pathbreaking initiatives like setting up of a help desk for vulnerable children (PCVC i.e. Pratham Centre for Vulnerable Children), especially those who dropout of schools due to unavoidable situations, have helped get many such children back to school. Such an initiative has been ongoing in Mumbai. Recently a programme for school dropouts was initiated in Bhim & Kumbalgarh, Rajasthan as part of our flagship Integrated Community Development Programme.

In School Programmes

Mobile toy libraries in Mumbai and Chennai (called the Nanha Munha Express) have been visionary in making learning fun through play-way methods. Besides regular support classes, training in various Indian classical dance forms (through programmes like Nritya Parichay in association with NCPA) help in holistic development of children. Exposure to various dance forms helps in personality development and grow confidence besides understanding about traditional Indian dance forms.


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