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L&T offers all critical equipment and systems for refineries and gas cracker plants. The range includes high pressure, high temperature reactors like hydrocrackers, DHDT & DHDS reactors for ‘clean fuel’ projects, and other critical equipment. These are manufactured in various grades of low alloy steels (including Cr – Mo -Vanadium) of clad or overlaid construction. We have vast experience in carrying out single-layer and double-layer overlay of equipment using ESSC (ESW) and SAW processes. Reactor internals are generally fabricated in-house and also assembled in reactors as per customer requirements.

L&T has supplied FCC reactors and regenerators to the specifications of well-known process licensors, with supplies of regenerators as large as 16.3-metres diameter and 1200 MT weight. Refractory-lining of equipment is a major field of specialization.

Specialised multi-tubular reactors are offered, such as EO reactors and PAN reactors. We’re also geared for manufacturing futuristic gas-to-liquid reactors for the oil & gas sector, in addition to traditional products such as test and production separators (separate or skid-mounted).

With our own waterfront facility, a wharf and a roll-on-roll-off jetty at the Hazira Works, we organise shipment of large and over-dimensional consignments. Equipment weighing over 2000 MT has been directly dispatched to the Middle East from Hazira Works.

L&T is a licensee of CB & ILummus Heat Transfer NV, USA, for helix changers and also licensee of Exxon Mobil Research Engineering (EMRE) for anti-vibration baffles for heat exchangers (dimpled baffle) technology.