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Coal Gasification

We started the gasification business in 2004 with a dedicated team of 60 engineers. Our gasification group has been certified by most major process licensors in the world for manufacturing of their proprietary gasification equipment. These include Shell, Lurgi, CB&I (E-gas), GE and Siemens.

We offer single point responsibility for:

  • Mechanical Design & Engineering – Interface with Process Licensor & EPC
  • Procurement, Manufacture & Transportation to Site
  • Site Assembly & Refractory lining
  • Assistance during Erection & Pre-Commissioning

We have executed and commissioned 11 gasification projects licensed by SHELL technology in South East Asia. 9 of these Gasifiers have been supplied and commissioned in China. The balance 2 Gasifiers have been supplied to Vietnam.

We have also executed one gasification project in India for JSPL, ANGUL DRI conforming to Lurgi specifications. The supply order consisted of 7 gasification units to JSPL, Angul along with spare sets of certain tier 2 equipment.

All the tier 2 and tier 3 equipment required for gasification were supplied onsite by L&T. The site work related to assembly of this equipment was carried out by us, and L&T played a leading role in interface management between various agencies involved during commissioning of this gasification equipment. The supply order consists of supply of 10 Units of gasification equipment along with assembly at site and interface management during commissioning.

Along with the gasification equipment, L&T’s gasification team also supplies various downstream equipment for filtration of the syngas produced during gasification. L&T has supplied numerous HPHT Filters to gasification plants in China and we are currently executing an order for manufacture of 20 HPHT filters for a Reliance gasification project.

L&T has been certified and approved for manufacturing HPHT filters confirming to the following technologies PALL and PORVAIR.