Piping for Thermal Power

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Thermal Power Piping

  • Main steam, cold reheat, hot reheat, HP/LP bypass piping
  • Auxiliary PRDS and auxiliary steam piping
  • Spray water piping for reheater and superheater attemperators
  • Boiler feed water suction and discharge lines
  • Condensate and Extraction piping for turbine island
  • CEP suction and discharge lines
  • Heater drain and vents for turbine island
  • Boiler integral piping
  • Turbine integral piping
  • Cross over Piping
  • Lube oil piping


    • Temperature: Up to 604°C
    • Pressure: 517 kg/cm2 (g)
    • Typical Materials:
      • Alloy Steel: A335 Gr. P92, P91, P22, P11, P36
      • Carbon Steel: A106 Gr. B/C
  • Thickness: Up to 150 mm

Other products

  • Hot induction bends, Weld overlay tubes for waste heat boilers for superheaters

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